Server and IT Virtualization Infrastructure

Every corporate business has at least one or more servers, whose aim is to offer a key role in helping the Client benefiting fundamental operations requires for the actual running of the business processes. Our code word is steady reliability and it must follow these points:

    • Dependable and reliable hardware by non-assemblated production, while scrupulously by a known Brand;
    • Rational Datastore sizing based on both the present situation and the estimated growth of the data;
    • RAM managing accompanied by a wide safety margin in order to avoid memory failures;
    • Redundancy of fundamental elements such as Disks (RAID 1,5,10…), RAM (Mirrored) and Powering;
    • Efficiency of post-sale services alongside the guaranteed action timeframe.

Nowadays Servers have their natural habitat in virtual environments (VMware or Hyper-V), which offer several advantages, from security to dynamic performance, thus setting the standard design of each Server in our hands.