IP network Implementation

(Cabled) The modern network architecture requires, besides the passive cabling, the installation and configuration of active network devices such as Switch Managed, Firewall, Wi-Fi Antenna, etc.. Each of these elements play a key role when it comes to the network efficiency: a proper configuration is crucial, not only for a proper operation, but most importantly in order to guarantee a high security level. It is known that, when it comes to security, they often represent the main weakness points, notably when there are Next Generation Firewalls provided with built-in protection services. Our technicians are devoted to IT Security and thus KERNET, following the principles of GDPR Art. 25, sticks to the Security by Design notion, applying it to every configuration on a device linked to an IP address in a LAN network.

(Wireless) The evolution of Wi-Fi technology has made the use of the Internet and networks easier. However, designing a performing, safe and extensive Wi-Fi network has become a critical operation: it conceals several challenges, most of the times undetected, such as interferences or environmental pollution. Our on-field experience alongside the usage of the proper technologies, such as unique Wi-Fi Controllers and probes for a thorough inspection, allow our team to design and build Wi-Fi networks that will guarantee the requested coverage and a peak performance, according to the chosen antenna.