Data Protection and Backup (Replica & Disaster Recovery)

Proper Backup running alongside a daily check of the outcome should be one of the main concerns of every modern business. After all data now represent a crucial resource and their protection must be a priority. Regrettably, data protection is often overlooked by those who believe in chance when it comes to their backup efficiency. KERNET has the know-how and previous successes on how to handle safely and reliably on-site and off-site Backup/Disaster Recovery. Primary Backup Repository may be defined in the LAN network, meaning that they are accessible at the typical internal network high speed and that they can be populated at high cadence, or in a network external to the company, thanks to the data memorization accessible at a cloud external datacenter.

This led KERNET to stick to the 3-2-1 rule: if you want to have a basic protection of your data, you should keep 3 copies of your data, store 2 copies on different storage media, with 1 of them located off-site.