KERNET has been providing for 20 years specialist IT advice, notably in the ever-changing field of system skills in Server, Networking, Security and Cloud Services compartments.

Our passion for designing, managing and mantaining IT infrastructure has always been our core business.

Our target is to be found in the dynamic SMEs that need to keep up and be up-to-date in the IT area, by reinforcing and implementing Security and Business Continuity as thoroughly as possible. We are the ideal partner when it comes to these areas, since the recent European General Data Protection Regulation n. 2016/2017 has raised further awareness on the matter, leading most companies, even the smaller ones, to implement carefully each IT cybersecurity available, in both infrastructure and software context.

Our wish to implement the new technologies, as provided by the best known Brands, has always allowed us to offer custom and tailored services by analyzing the client’s authentic need and endgame.

The spontaneous momentum that starts off every working day is born by our shared drive to operate as an actual team, our key word, which leads to a mutual interaction and improvement between each member.

The rate at which IT methods change and shift requires crucial emphasis on personnel training. This is the reason why KERNET offers traning credits by the best known Brands, thanks to the many ongoing partnerships, in order to benefit from the ever-focused know-how: furthermore, it guarantees preferential trade channels that give us the means to provide the best possible solution at the best possible price.

KERNET doesn’t only give one-shot consultancy: we assist you throughout the whole IT process, by ensuring skills and top-notch response time, with the aim of paving the way for a joint and ongoing cooperation deal to ensure the proper mix between efficiency and expertise.

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